Simple techniques for personal wellbeing

This section is a collection of activities that are easy to do, but have strong positive effects on our wellbeing. Here you will find relaxation techniques, anger and anxiety management techniques, positive psychology techniques, meditation techniques mindfulness, loving-kindness and other.

respiratie profunda

Abdominal respiration

Abdominal respiration or diaphragmatic respiration is a simple and efficient way of reducing the body tension we feel when we are tressed, scared and anxious.

wellbeing on a beachVisualising a safe and pleasant place

Visualising a safe place is a relaxation technique that helps us to calm down not just our body, but our mind.

Progressive muscular relaxation

A relaxation technique, but also a way to learn how to make the difference between a tense and a relaxed state. It involves contracting and then relaxing each muscle group in turn.

Mindfulness: breathing-centered meditation

Concentrating on you breath is a simple mindfulness technique anyone can use in almost any circumstance. It helps enhance your ability to be aware of what is happening in the present and observe without judgment.

body scan

Body scan: meditation based on observing bodily sensations

Body scan is a practice directed towards achieving a deep connection to each part of you body, even those you are not initially aware of, all without judgment or criticism.

meditație loving-kindness

Loving-kindness meditation to cultivate compassion

This article presents step-by-step instructions you need for practicing loving-kindness meditation..

Gratitude journal: cultivating positive emotions

This article presents step-by-step instructions for creating a gratitude journal..

Gratitude visit: cultivating personal and relational wellbeing

Gratitude visit is a simple technique for enhancing our psychological wellbeing and our close relationships satisfaction.

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